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The metal detectable ear plugs are ideal for the food processing industry and applications that require keeping track of lost earplugs - a metal ball bearing is enclosed allowing them to be detected by scanners, for easy compliance with food industry regulations.
Custom-fit ear plugs used to only be the stuff of professional shooters or those who were willing to shell out a bit of coin to get them made.
The soft silicone ear plugs offer dual protection, sealing out water and reducing ear discomfort from water pressure, as well as reducing noise for sensitive ears.
Developed to complement Needlers' existing range of disposable ear plugs, the company's new Reldeen reusable ear plugs are around 20% cheaper than branded alternatives and, as they can be reused for at least a week, compared to just one day for disposable ones, will save businesses approximately 40%.
For those who become irritated when ear plugs are used, muffs are the best option, even when hunting.
Noting that DazzlEars is being promoted through a variety of online vehicles, he adds that Hearos remains "the most ambitious marketer of ear plugs.
Children who complain of disturbing noises while traveling as well as those with water-sensitive ears represent a fertile market for the innovative ear plugs from Cirrus Healthcare Products LLC.
Featuring specially designed contoured flanges, the Moldex Rocket Detectable 6409 reusable ear plugs combine cost-effectiveness with optimum comfort and ease of use, we are assured.
Every associate we have loves the fact that they do not have to look for their ear plugs or wonder if they forgot them when they go in the field.
Should an earplug or part of an ear plug or the connective cord become lost in the workplace and get into the food process it will be identified by a metal detector or an X-ray detection system as the products pass through.
Working with the House Ear Institute, a recognized world leader in hearing research and ear surgery, O'Connell developed EarPlanes, an ear plug that uses a patented ceramic filter to slow the flow of air into the wearer's ear chamber and eliminate the sudden pressure changes that cause pain and discomfort.
Zip-Outs' unique ear plug delivery and retention system attaches Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)-rated ear plugs directly to all types of hard hats.