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A federal courts study conducted by the Federal Judicial Center and the Center for Public Resources (CPR) showed that in 1996 the most prevalent form was mediation, followed by arbitration, summary jury trials, and early neutral evaluation.(7)
This is especially true regarding mediation and early neutral evaluation because the parties realize far greater savings and can implement solutions more readily at an earlier stage when they have invested less in the conflict.
Through mediation and early neutral evaluation, corporations, executives, and their counsel benefit from Jane's ability not only to critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of the case but also to offer pragmatic solutions.
Mediation and early neutral evaluation are ADR techniques that are commonly practised in Alberta.
Bill also has experience with alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation, arbitration, and early neutral evaluation.
In light of a consensus that some type of early, real-time resolution of disputes is going to be a big part of the future of construction dispute resolution, roundtable participants noted that the concept of DRBs and project neutrals actually goes back 15 years or more, but expressed the view that, until recently, these processes never seemed to "catch on." Early neutral evaluations of either technical or legal issues (useful during construction which can ultimately be reflected in change orders), akin to mock juries prior to litigation, were uniformly viewed as something useful, but, as always, subject to cost concerns.
* Early neutral evaluations. Attorneys for both sides, with litigants present, present their positions to a neutral attorney experienced in the particular field at issue.

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