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MPs claim that around 600 civil servants, of the 7,800 who have had their early retirement approved, stood to lose out.
Without good planning, early retirement incentives can end up costing districts in the long run, both financially and academically.
Early retirement and bridge employment is a subject of interest now days around the world including Pakistan.
It comes less than 20 months since an early retirement package of almost PS300,000 was paid to the previous chief executive, Ian Parker.
Early retirement is a serious problem since pensions are financed by premiums paid by the workers.
But before the House's passage of the Social Security Law and during the debate on the article linking the early retirement salary with inflation rates, the prime minister warned MPs not to endorse the article "out of concern over the Social Security Corporation's (SSC) funds."
In 2011, 344 public servants took early retirement while in 2012, this figure increased to 734.
The country's biggest electricity provider will make up pension contributions and cover extra costs imposed on 3,500 workers taking voluntary early retirement under legislation passed last year by the government of former prime minister Mario Monti.
In its judgement, the ECJ concludes that early retirement support is an instrument of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), financed by the EAGGF, which is designed to ensure the viability of agricultural holdings, and is not a social security benefit.
A total of 524 men and women applied for early retirement across Northern Ireland's three jails.
The prospect of an unplanned early retirement is real, and is happening more frequently since the US economic downturn.
(NASDAQ: FCAP), the holding company for First Harrison Bank, said it intends to record a pre-tax restructuring charge of approximately USD650,000 during the quarter ending September 30, 2012 related to a voluntary early retirement program that will be effective September 30, 2012.

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