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It is, as Widmayer points out, rather amazing that little sustained attention has been paid to the role of drama in the emergence of the novel at least vis a vis the dominant reading of the early novel as defined by formal realism.
While Olujic's early novels depict individual rebellions, the young urbanites who challenge conventions and seek "their place under the sun," Glasovi u vetru has a much broader frame.
Marie-Benedicte Diethelm, in "Jardin des origines et origine du jardin: le paradis perdu du jeune Balzac" studies images associated with an ideal childhood-one which Balzac never had--that obsessively haunt his early novels.
Other critics have pointed out some non-syntactic alterations James made in his revisions of his early novels for New York edition; for example, more explicit and precise lexis, more figures of speech, more varied and.
There are essays on: the aestheticizing of scripture; Bakhtin on Tolstoy and the Bible; the novel and Protestantism (which argues for the identification of novel writing with north European and British Protestant cultures); Tom Jones, Methodism and Wuthering Heights; religious discourse in the early novels published in All the Year Round; religion in the novels of D.
One of his early novels, A Handful of Dust (1934), dealt not with religion but with its absence.
The publishing rights to 10 of the early novels of US author John Steinbeck have been awarded to the writer's son and granddaughter, Thomas Steinbeck and Blake Smyle, by a judge in the US.
He was also interested in Urdu language and literature, particularly the realistic early novels of Munshi Premchand.
This study situates George Eliot's early novels within the 19th-century debates on the historicity of the Gospels and the significance of systematic theology.
Academic fans of Dickens's early novels will be gratified by John Bowen's Other Dickens: Pickwick to Chuzzlewit, a ringing defense of the novels Dickens wrote in the first half of his career.
Schwarz then skillfully traces such a continuity--not unexpectedly, given what is revealed in Ao vencedor--and concludes that "the formal principle developed in the Memoirs solves the impasses defined in Machado's early novels and lifts them up to a new level.

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