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Bridge employment is definitely and option for the people who seek early retirement.
More than a quarter of all terminations in the company's global workforce of around 74,000 last year were in Italy, with most of these due to voluntary early retirement, according to the company's 2012 annual report.
The topic of unplanned early retirement gives advisors another way to encourage financial preparedness for all pre-retiree clients.
All of which leads to the question: Could another early retirement incentive be in the works?
Other factors that could push them toward early retirement included heavy workload, shift work, and lack of support from co-workers and management.
The ability to grant redundancy or early retirement to avoid teachers being forced to leave has been delegated to the head of the education service.
Though I continue to believe that early retirement is preferable to layoffs, the many concerns .
The TUC warned that being forced into early retirement often resulted in poverty in retirement as workers had been unable to build up a big enough pension.
The automaker is likely to lay off staff if it cannot achieve the necessary reduction via voluntary early retirement.
If Anheuser-Busch cannot meet its early retirement target, layoffs could take place under the direction of Anheuser-Busch or the InBev ownership.
This step-by-step plan for early retirement offers in-depth advice on three key tips to early retirement: managing expenses and eliminating debt, accumulating capital, and investing it wisely.
The poll found that 57% of owners planned to put this year's profits back into their business, while 48% said they would use profits for an early retirement and enjoy the "good life" a little earlier.

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