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Maybe, but former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle thinks the earmark system was a net positive anyway: "It wasn't pretty," he admitted in 2014, "but it worked.
In 2008, President Bush issued Executive Order 13,457, which required that agencies "not consider the views of a House, committee, Member, officer, or staff of the Congress" about any earmark unless it were submitted in writing and that all such submissions, subject to potential waiver from OMB, be posted on agency websites.
If brought back and pursued with transparency and honesty, earmarks stand to alleviate--through small outlays of cash--a great deal of economic uncertainty, not just for the wealthy and empowered few, but for us all.
Tea party red-hots want to eradicate congressional earmarks.
One way to think about earmarks is that the issue isn't good spending versus bad spending - it's whether a project meets a federal mission or doesn't.
But Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, said earmark funding is often duplicative of existing programs and services.
7) As noted earlier, specific definitions for the term earmark (and
The Associated Press Managing Editors (APME) and some 25 daily papers have teamed up with AP's Washington bureau for an unusual joint project that investigates congressional earmarks.
After Americans United and its allies protested the earmark, Vitter agreed to direct the money elsewhere.
But since most earmarks appear to go to large, traditionally White institutions, one expert says Black and other lawmakers should seek a greater share of the pie.
The education improvement fund did a little better, averaging 35 hours per earmark.
The bill, which has been reported out of the House Judiciary and Government Reform Committees, would require that earmarks in appropriations bills include the sponsor's name.