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Management is expected to affirm the company's 2013 consolidated ongoing earnings guidance range of $1.
Some firms choose to bring analyst expectations closer to internal earnings projections by offering earnings guidance for one or more future accounting periods.
This study examines the prevalence and intensity of nonearnings corporate guidance and how managers choose such guidance along with earnings guidance from a portfolio of forward-looking signals.
With year-end approaching and investor attention turning to the outlook for 2009, sell-side analysts are cautioning companies not to use the uncertain economic conditions as an excuse to suspend earnings guidance, so finds a new survey conducted by MWW Group's Financial Relations Board, one of the nation's leaders in financial communications and investor relations.
Our most recent fiscal-year earnings guidance anticipated some Latin American currency and economic weakness," commented Craig Sullivan, chairman and chief executive officer.
Our 2008 earnings guidance demonstrates the strong financial condition of both our Detroit Edison and MichCon utilities," said Anthony F.
Also today, management affirmed the company's 2012 consolidated ongoing earnings guidance range of $1.
CHICAGO, April 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Financial Relations Board (FRB), one of the nation's leaders in financial communications and investor relations, announced today through a new survey that the vast majority of sell-side analysts prefer when the companies they cover provide earnings guidance.
In addition, the company issued 2007 operating earnings guidance, excluding synthetic fuels, of $2.
These three issues figured prominently in a 2006 CFA Institute Centre white paper co-written with the Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics, Breaking the Short-term Cycle, which cited a focus on quarterly earnings guidance, poor communications and transparency and current incentive structures as three forces driving short-term thinking in the markets.
The company recently issued a fourth-quarter earnings guidance of 44 cents to 50 cents per share, noting that the earnings estimates reflect the effect of weather problems among other issues.
which are reported in discontinued operations, will be materially greater than previously estimated in the 2006 earnings guidance issued on January 5, 2007.