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DAM. A construction of wood, stone, or other materials, made across a stream of water for the purpose of confining it; a mole.
     2. The owner of a stream not navigable, may erect a dam across it, and employ the water in any reasonable manner, either for his use or pleasure, so as not to destroy or render useless, materially diminish, or affect the application of the water by the proprietors below on the stream. He must not shut the gates of his dams and detain the water unreasonably, nor let it off in unusual quantities to the annoyance of his neighbors. 4 Dall. 211; 3 Caines, 207; 13 Mass. 420; 3 Pick, 268; 2 N. H. Rep. 532; 17 John. 306; 3 John. Ch. Rep. 282; 3 Rawle, 256; 2 Conn. Rep. 584; 5 Pick. 199; 20 John. 90; 1 Pick. 180; 4 Id. 460; 2 Binn. 475; 14 Serg. & Rawle, 71; Id. 9; 13 John. 212; 1 McCord, 580; 3 N. H. Rep. 321; 1 Halst. R. 1; 3 Kents Com. 354.
     3. When one side of the stream is owned by one person and the other by another, neither, without the consent of the other, can build a dam which extends beyond the filum aqua, thread of the river, without committing a trespass. Cro. Eliz. 269; 12 Mass. 211; Ang. on W. C. 14, 104, 141; vide Lois des Bat. P. 1, c. 3, s. 1, a. 3; Poth. Traite du Contrat de Societe, second app. 236; Hill. Ab. Index, h.t.; 7 Cowen, R. 266; 2 Watts, R. 327; 3 Rawle, R. 90; 17 Mass. R. 289; 5 Pick. R. 175; 4 Mass. R. 401. Vide Inundation.

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In this study, non-homogeneous earth dam parameters are modeled and are given in Table 2 that has been selected based on codes, considering crisis critical conditions.
In general, considering investigated cases, it can be said that reservoir rapid discharge leads to decreased stability of earth dam, especially in the upstream slope of the dam.
In 2002-2009 the earth dams were investigated in 31 region of Lithuania.
The field investigations were done and the state of ED and associated hydraulic structures in earth dams was evaluated in accordance to the Lithuanian construction technical regulations: "Regulations of Maintenance of Hydraulic Structures (STR 1.
Currently there is no USACE publication related to guidance and direction for deformation analyses of earth dams as a consequence of seismic loading.
During increase water level in reservoir exist gravity force caused flowing water in earth dam (core & bulwark) [10].
Our programme includes constructing earth dams, pans, wells and springs.
Housner of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, it's particularly important because of its potential effect on critical structures like nuclear power plants and large earth dams.
Marshall is a specialist in deep oil, gas and injection well drilling; deep injection of hazardous liquid wastes; and has managed large civil infrastructure and international construction and environmental projects, including: real estate, water resources, dams, highways, and sewer systems; remediation of contaminated land, drinking water cleanup, waste disposal, earth dams, harbors, and mega-structures on a worldwide basis.
Their task was to divert a river and then build one of the biggest earth dams in Europe to hold back more than 41,000 million gallons of water.