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The court held that a Google Earth satellite image, including an electronic "tack" placed on image by the program and automatically labeled with GPS coordinates without human intervention, was not hearsay.
In 1974 the Earth Satellite Research Unit (ESRU) was set up at the University of Aston and in July 1980 the prediction service was transferred from Appleton to ESRU where it ran until March 1988 when RGO agreed to take over the two Hewitt cameras and the prediction service.
It gets off to an excellent start with a masterful essay by Roger Launius on the tangled story of Eisenhower, Sputnik, and the fallout and circumstances leading to the subsequent creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, arguably the most important as well as most visible result of the shock America experienced with the launch of the first artificial earth satellite.
The woman woke up to find herself on the beach of a remote island and then apparently spent seven years carving out a difficult survival before an SOS sign she made was spotted on Google Earth satellite images by 'some kid from Minnesota', at which point she was saved.
Last January, we tracked Voudouri to the holiday isle before pinpointing his bolthole by comparing snaps his family had taken of his villa's pool with Google Earth satellite images.
Prof Harries, an expert on the use of Earth satellite observations to study climate change, is a past president of the Royal Meteorological Society and the International Radiation Commission In 2011 he was awarded NASA's Distinguished Public Service Medal "for distinguished public service in advancing knowledge of the Earth's atmosphere and climate change".
The Aberavon-born professor is widely regarded as an expert on the use of Earth satellite observations to study climate change.
Moreover, the chief justice said a Google Earth satellite image should also be submitted as proof that the encroachments had been removed.
Sputnik 1, launched in 1957, was the first Earth satellite.
The students gathered on the university campus and in front of the office of the university chancellor and protested at Erdogan's participation in the ceremony to launch Gokturk-2, a Turkish artificial earth satellite.
The technique of using a crystal to catch the tracks of cosmic rays, already showing its worth on earth, will be tried from an earth satellite this fall.

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