ease of movement

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He said that the closure of the Pak-Afghan border was not a solution to the issues, adding that ease of movement and free-trade across the borders was in the positive interests of both the countries.
The board has decided many measures to ensure the ease of movement of goods and commodities.
Police remain deployed in the area to ensure the safety of people and their ease of movement, calling on all parents to ensure the safety of their children and immediately inform the security authorities of any information they may have regarding illegal firearms or dangerous substances that could be used in terrorist acts.
This feature-rich tablet cart includes pneumatic height-adjustment settings of 28 to 44 inches from the floor for comfortable sit-to-stand settings; stability and ease of movement provided by five, 4-inch twin casters; a pole-mount Z-arm with 12-inch extension; a metal enclosure for storage; a left- or right-side sliding mouse tray; and a small 23-inch footprint.
EZ MOVE Fabric Engineering' and 'SOCOOL' technology combine for superb comfort and ease of movement.
Other features of the new FG2 suit include use of the Gill 3 Dot fabric for its flexible, lightweight proper ties, the articulated arms and legs for ease of movement and fleece-lined hand warmer pockets and collar.
99) has a self-adjusting waist with belt loops and articulated knees for ease of movement.
Any event that happens in Bahrain or the neighbouring countries, you need ease of movement and we know that the F1 has thousands of people going to the circuit during the race.
He notes that Madinah residents do not feel bored in the city with its ease of movement, and the easy availability of all requirements for living due to the closeness of markets, shops, parks, and even luxury hotels.
This, coupled with its compact, sleek design and ease of movement, makes the Powertrak 750 screener the ultimate choice for contractors, quarry operators and recycling customers.
Jaime Frame, workshop manager at Al Haddad Motors added: "The wheel alignment check is greatly significant in providing safety and ease of movement of the car.
It ensures ease of movement and storage in production environments offering easily accessible data when connected to an optional balance and calliper.