easily affected

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He also explained that the real reason for the nose breaking is erosion features, as the rock that Sphinx was carved of is somehow a new geological stone so it could be easily affected by natural erosion such as wind, rain and other natural disasters such as earthquakes.
The risk is that the confiscation of 'left behind' assets - which in monetary terms are a drop in the ocean - will create an undercurrent of uncertainty and is illustrative of just how vulnerable and fragile the security environment is and how easily affected by what is reality is a minor tweak in Indian legislation.
If they are easily affected and swayed by the problems and national issues, then their outlook will be negative.
Payments can be easily affected cross-border because conversion of the likes of bitcoin through currency exchanges can be transacted in different parts of the world 6 including in jurisdictions with lax financial regulatory regimes and weak KYC/AML measures.
Also asked whether the high pitched tone of the candidate could have an impact on the voter's conviction, Al-Ghanim said that some people become easily affected and persuaded by the high pitch whereas other don't.
If you're easily affected by other people's bad moods, then follow our tips to keep yourself uplifted, even around the most negative folk Clearing a gloomy mood If there's been a big row in your house, clear the air by buying fresh flowers, playing uplifting music and opening all the curtains to allow fresh air and light into every room.
An emotional people, however, are more easily affected from issue to issue.
As the blood test service demand for the more easily affected persons has been met, the Department of Health (DH) and the HA will cease to provide the dedicated blood test service starting from September 30.
Rowett circled the wagons after the Boro gaffe: "It could have easily affected him but it didn't.
Sri Lankan shares declined on Friday to a near 2-week ending low, led by shares that could be easily affected by the floods, amid foreign selling and ahead of the central bank's policy rate announcement due later in the day.
Living conditions in slums are easily affected and deteriorated by any type of catastrophe as their huts are erected with poor materials.
Or is it all about the individuals themselves, who have the tendency to be easily affected by contradicting ideas?