Easter term

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EASTER TERM, Eng. law. One of the four terms of the courts. It is now a fixed term beginning on the 15th of April and ending the 8th of May in every year. It was formerly a movable term.

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32) King's College Magazine, Ladies'Department, number XIII, Easter term 1901, 6-7.
In a footnote introducing the notes from which it appears Keynes lectured in his second lecture in Easter Term 1932, it states, 'We have no means of telling directly the exact meanings attached to the symbols used in this lecture' (Keynes 1979, p.
The council's executive board will be told that the headteacher at Acton junior school had told governors she would be retiring at the end of the Easter term.
Martyn Filder had been out celebrating the end of Easter term with three friends when they saw a 5ft trolley by a campus library.
Lovell reported a ``very busy period'' up to Christmas, and outlined 44 days, starting from the return to school in January, on which education officer Steve Varey would be conducting events during the Easter term.
Siobhan collapsed over her books in the library at John Moores university on the last day of the Easter term.
Jackie added: "She'll have problems in the Easter term when her class start to learn French.
5) The exact date again is not known, but in Easter Term 1560 Walter Devereux Viscount Hereford, not yet having reached his majority, was assigned by the Court of wards and Liveries an arinuity of 200 [pounds] as a marriage portion ('p[ro] maritag[io] suipsius'); PRO: WARD 9/245 [no folio number; Easter Term 2 Eliz.
I was at university in Leeds and in 1963, there was ice and snow about for the whole of the Easter term.
35pm It's Easter term at the Church in Wales' St Michael's College in Cardiff and students are tackling the practicalities of the role of a vicar.
She spent the Easter term at the university, living on campus where she was able to research, talk and write about Ellen Terry, the great Victorian actress and her daughter, Edith Craig, whose only memoirs have been owned by Ann since 1978.