Easter term

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EASTER TERM, Eng. law. One of the four terms of the courts. It is now a fixed term beginning on the 15th of April and ending the 8th of May in every year. It was formerly a movable term.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(32) King's College Magazine, Ladies'Department, number XIII, Easter term 1901, 6-7.
In a footnote introducing the notes from which it appears Keynes lectured in his second lecture in Easter Term 1932, it states, 'We have no means of telling directly the exact meanings attached to the symbols used in this lecture' (Keynes 1979, p.
(5) The exact date again is not known, but in Easter Term 1560 Walter Devereux Viscount Hereford, not yet having reached his majority, was assigned by the Court of wards and Liveries an arinuity of 200 [pounds] as a marriage portion ('p[ro] maritag[io] suipsius'); PRO: WARD 9/245 [no folio number; Easter Term 2 Eliz.
Lucy Baird, TV Licensing spokesperson for the North of England, said: "With exams fast approaching and the Easter term coming to an end, the student refund is fantastic news for students who planned ahead and bought their licence at the start of the academic year.
VICAR ACADEMY BBC One Wales, 10.35pm It's Easter term at the Church in Wales' St Michael's College in Cardiff and students are tackling the practicalities of the role of a vicar.
She spent the Easter term at the university, living on campus where she was able to research, talk and write about Ellen Terry, the great Victorian actress and her daughter, Edith Craig, whose only memoirs have been owned by Ann since 1978.
Dakin, who coached Wales' Rhys Williams to a European Championship medal last year and has a number of Welsh athletes including promising hurdler Anwen Rees under his wing, said: "While a multi-sport gathering may be an excellent marketing strategy for attracting media attention to student sport, it's proposed date does not lend itself to the calendar for athletes with ambitions for major championships in the summer, whether the Beijing Olympics or any senior or age-group world or European championships in subsequent years, should such a late date in the Easter term be persisted with."
Part of the trip falls into the school holidays while some of it overlaps with the Easter term.
"As staff and students prepare for the Easter term a number of concerns over SARS have been raised.
Some universities, which calculate Easter term by exam times, will end their break before Easter has actually begin.
I was at university in Leeds and in 1963, there was ice and snow about for the whole of the Easter term.
It was an ordinary Monday morning halfway through the Easter term. I honestly can't remember anyone new ever joining our class ever before, but suddenly there's the teacher introducing this Kid and telling him to sit next to me.