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Reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) primers used to sequence Eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus RNA Title Sense Primer Use Region 9930 Forward 5'-GCGCTGCTTATTTTGCTGT-3' RT-PCR E1 11582 Reverse 5'-ATTATGCGCTGCCTGTAGTGTTTA-3' RT-PCR E1 4043 Forward 5'-GTGCGCGGCGACATAACAAAGAG-3' RT-PCR NSP3 4976 Reverse 5'-CCGGGGGTACAGTGCCAGAGAA-3' RT-PCR NSP3 10470 Forward 5'-ATGCCAAACTCATCATAGGTCCACT-3' Sequencing E1 10938 Forward 5'-GTATAGCCACCGTTGCCTACAAATC-3' Sequencing E1 11345 Forward 5'-CAGGCAGTGTATAAGGCTGTCTTAC-3' Sequencing E1 T3 Forward 5'-AATTAACCCTCACTAAAGGGA-3' Sequencing NSP3 Table 2.
This mosquito has also been hypothesized as a bridge vector for human transmission of eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus (11).

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