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They are of a size, but the pig has more meat on it for the eating.
But he has broken the taboo, your great taboo of the laying-yard, and must go to the eating," Agno interposed quickly.
That the weight of something was on the other's mind was patent, although what it was Bashti could not gauge, guess--unless it might be revenge incubated the day he had prevented Agno from eating the dog.
It is well worth while to get hungry and thirsty merely to discover how much gratification can be obtained from eating and drinking.
I struggled with it for about five minutes without making the slightest impression, and then Joe, who had been eating potatoes, wanted to know if it wouldn't be better for some one to do the job that understood carving.
We tried a mouthful of the duck, but it was like eating India-rubber.
I started this paper with the idea of writing about eating and drinking, but I seem to have confined my remarks entirely to eating as yet.
They have often done me the favour of helping me to some of this sauce, and I had no way to decline eating it besides telling them it was too good for a missionary.
After they had all finished eating, the Doctor got up and said,
ISLAMABAD -- A fairly rare eating disorder whose signature is excessive eating though not necessarily binging at night needs further study since it may signal other mental health issues, researchers say.
3 : to destroy as if by eating : corrode <Acids ate away the metal.
Like the Reader's Digest series, these books provide us with an organic understanding of our bodies, but they do so by uncovering how our eating connects us to the rest of creation and by warning us of the vices of an industrial agriculture threatening our bodies and the environment.