ebb and flow

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Flying the flag The Ebb and Flow banner at Arthurlie House, with John West, Joan Oliphant and Gill West, who worked on the project
But in each of those—if the author is proficient—readers love them because they're a balance of ebb and flow. You have to have both.”
On Tuesday, the space agency released before-and-after pictures of the lunar north pole where Ebb and Flow came to rest.
ARIZONA (CyHAN)- The new footages of the Moon's surface recorded by Nasa's spacecrafts named Ebb and Flow, three days before their pre-planned lunar crash on December 17, 2012, have been released.
The heavens guide us, show us the ebb and flow, along with the patterns and cycles we are likely to encounter.
Engineers commanded the twin spacecraft, Ebb and Flow, to fire their engines and burn their remaining fuel.
Ebb and Flow, as the two washing machine-sized probes are called, have been mapping the Moon's gravitational field for more than a year.
London, December 18 ( ANI ): NASA's gravity mapping satellites, Ebb and Flow, crashed into the surface of the Moon on Monday, finally ending their science mission.
THE DIVERSION OF "MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF water" into Lake Manitoba and restrictions on the Fairford dam resulted in the flooding of reserve lands and sacred ceremonial sites that was unnecessary, says Peguis First Nation and Ebb and Flow First Nation in lawsuits.
THE ebb and flow of a city's traffic is the driving force behind a new artwork.
GALLERY Savour the win over Boro We have put together a comprehensive picture gallery of City's fine win at the Riverside Stadium GALLERY Follow the ebb and flow of all the cup action The Heineken Cup games involving all the Welsh regions produced a mixed bag of results, we have captured all the drama of the big cup weekend in our photo gallery RUGBY GAME Can you predict all the scores?
The USD and JPY are likely to retain their inverse correlation to stock market performance and the associated ebb and flow of risk appetite.