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Eventually, this vaccine may reduce the hazard of working with Ebola virus in the laboratory, as well as provide protection to populations at risk of natural exposure.
Ebola virus and Marburg virus are the only two members of a family of RNA viruses called the Filoviridae.
The prolonged period during which Ebola virus RNA was detected in this patient adds to evidence (2-4) that there is heterogeneity in duration of Ebola virus persistence in semen among survivors of EVD.
Patient B was isolated on the morning of January 20, and her blood tested positive for Ebola virus by RT-PCR that day.
CDC investigators, in a perspectives article in Emerging Infectious Diseases, offered suggestions to improve governmental and health care organizational response to future Ebola virus outbreaks.
10,11) Interestingly, the Ebola virus gains entry into human cells using the Niemann-Pick C1 cholesterol transporter, and cells from patients with Niemann-Pick type C disease are immune to infection with the Ebola virus.
Ebola virus begins its entry into a cell by first binding to several types of cell surface proteins.
The symptoms prompted suspicions that patient may have contracted the deadly Ebola virus, TV channels reported.
Dr Ata Ur Rahman said separate wards had been allocated at Services Hospital Lahore and Ward No 27 at Nishtar Hospital Multan for Ebola Virus patients.
He directed the authorities to make arrangements for the screening at the airports, ports and border areas as well as arrange medicines and allocate special wards in the hospitals for any prospective patient of Ebola virus.
They reported on Russian news channels yesterday they expect coming of Ebola virus before the end of this month.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 8, 2014-Chimerix to offer brincidofovir for use in patients with Ebola Virus Disease