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Why some study participants had cleared the fragments of Ebola virus from semen earlier than others remains unclear.
Ebola virus disease was first detected in monkeys from the Philippines that were being examined in a laboratory in Reston, Virginia of the United States in early 1990s.
We fitted the model to the number of weekly reported Ebola virus disease cases in Western Area during August 16-November 31, 2014 (1).
According to the CDC, the 2014 Ebola Virus epidemic is the largest in history and is effecting multiple countries.
Salman Rafiq apprised the delegation of the measures taken for checking Ebola virus and medical facilities provided to a suspected Ebola virus patient late Zulfiqar of Chiniot.
CDC Health Alert Network (HAN)--Evaluating Patients for Possible Ebola Virus Disease: Recommendations for Health care Personnel and Health Officials.
He said this while presiding over a meeting with regard to reviewing the arrangements for checking of Ebola virus and treatment of possible patients at Services Institute of Medical Sciences(SIMS) on Tuesday.
Recently, the World Health Organization warned that Algeria is among the North African nations that are threatened by the spread of Ebola virus, following some cases recorded in neighboring Mali and Mauritania, local media reported.
Ebola Virus has been endemic in West Africa for years but there has recently been a huge increase in cases.
Coming of deadly Ebola virus is expected in Russia by the end of this month, MP Esengul Isakov (Ar Namys) said at the meeting of the parliamentary committee on agrarian policy, water resources, environment and regional development on October 13.
Muscat, Sept 17 (ONA) The national team in charge of preparation and response for Ebola Virus today held a meeting at the Ministry of Health with representatives of Port Services Corporation ( Sultan Qaboos Port ), shipping, maritime tourism and travel agents.