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YORK, STATUTE OF. The name of an English statute, passed 12 Edw. II., Anno Domini 1318, and so called because it was enacted at York. It contains many wise provisions and explanations of former statutes. Barr. on the Stat. 174. There were other statutes made at York in the reign of Edw. III., but they do not bear this name.

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Recognising the importance of maintaining public trust and confidence when conducting surveillance activity, Eboracum were committed to being transparent in demonstrating high standards and ethical use of their body-worn cameras and therefore decided to undertake voluntary certification assessment against the surveillance camera code of practice, which is regulated by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter.
The walls are originally Roman, dating back to 71AD when the Latin invaders pushed out the Celtic tribes and founded Eboracum.
The crypt reveals intriguing layers of the city's history, including part of a Roman fort from the days when York was Eboracum, an important garrison town, and fragments of the Norman structure that grew to become the minster we see today.
Is York 'ancient' in 1402 by reference to Eboracum, or ancient in 1838 by reference to 1402?
282); tribune at Diocletian's court after the latter made his father Caesar (293); military tribune in the east (302); joined his father in Britain (305); proclaimed Caesar by his father's troops at Eboracum (York) after Constantius died (July 25, 306); closely involved in the struggle between the Emperor (Augustus) Maximian and his son Maxentius (307-310); claimed the throne through his descent from Claudius II Gothicus after Maximian died (late 310); invaded Italy and routed Maxentius' generals at Turin and Verona (early 312); defeated and killed Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge (summer?
Eboracum was the Latin name for which English city?
BACK in AD71, the Roman Ninth Legion marched from Lincoln to build a great fortress they named Eboracum.
The city was founded by the Romans as Eboracum in 71 AD.
The company has shifted its existing team into new offices at Artemis House, Eboracum Way, and has hired up to 25 new staff and will recruit a further four or five people in the next few months as it develops a graduate programme with York's universities.
Rich in history and atmosphere Local history has it that back when York was known as Eboracum and Roman legionaries marched the town's streets the settlement played host to its first races.
In 71AD, the Romans renamed it Eboracum, and made it the capital of the province Britannia Inferior*.
York, one of England's finest and most beautiful historic cities, dates back to the Romans, who knew it as Eboracum, and the city's ancient roots can be traced during a visit to York Minster, a real must-see.