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ECCHYMOSIS, med. jur. Blackness. It is an extravasation of blood by rupture of capillary vessels, and hence it follows contusion; but it may exist, as in cases of scurvy, and other morbid conditions, without the latter. Ryan's Med. Jur. 172.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It was described by Gardner and Diamond in 1995 for the first time in four women who had recurrent ecchymoses after minor taumas (1).
Table 1: The portrayal of clinical markers of bovine tropical theileriosis of 21 calves Clinical markers Recorded Number of calves percentage (%) revealed Lymph nodes enlargement 100 21/21 Pallor MM 90.48 19/21 Reduced appetite 90.48 19/21 Pyrexia (40-42[degrees]C) 85.71 18/21 Pica 66.67 14/21 Coughing and respiratory 66.67 14/21 distress Lacrimation 66.67 14/21 Exophthalmia 52.38 11/21 Petechiae and/or ecchymoses 47.62 10/21 Lateral Recumbency 38.10 08/21 Submandibular or Ventral 38.10 08/21 edema Diarrhea 14.29 03/21 Melena 9.52 02/21 Haemoglobinuria 9.52 02/21 Jaundice (yellow) MM 9.52 02/21
The main features highlighted by group A patients were there acquisition of the elastic component of the prepuce and a marked reduction of ecchymoses and infiltrating areas (Figure 1), erythematous areas and fissures (Figure 2), and lichenification areas (Figure 3), in correspondence with the prepuce and glands.
In our case, a 20-year-old married woman suffering from nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fatigue, and ecchymoses around the lower part of her extremities was admitted to the Department of Gastroenterology of the Ankara University School of Medicine.
The mucocutaneous pattern is a superficial bleeding, such as epistaxis, petechiae and ecchymoses (Fig.
In this study, genital injury was defined as any visible tissue trauma that could be categorized using the TEARS classification system (tears, ecchymoses, abrasions, redness, and swelling).
Other ocular manifestations of battering include hyphema, lid ecchymoses, subconjunctival hemorrhage, lens subluxation, and differences in pupil size.
It is important to keep in mind that when any child presents with petechiae and ecchymoses, the possibilities of accidental injury, abuse, any kind of mechanical pressure (such as cupping or coining, which are acceptable practices in some cultures), and excessive crying, coughing, or distress (mostly in infants and young children) can all cause petechiae (Fox, 1997).
Her whole body was moon shaped (not just her face) and was covered with ecchymoses and weeping abrasions.
Overnight, she developed a tender right iliac fossa mass with ecchymoses over her right flank.
Also, due to the disruption of normal blood clotting, a rash develops, first as small red spots, and then advancing rapidly to large ecchymoses (bruises).
On admission, his temperature was 92.8 F (33.8 C); other findings included petechiae and ecchymoses, epigastric rebound tenderness, and bright red blood in the rectum.