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ECCHYMOSIS, med. jur. Blackness. It is an extravasation of blood by rupture of capillary vessels, and hence it follows contusion; but it may exist, as in cases of scurvy, and other morbid conditions, without the latter. Ryan's Med. Jur. 172.

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Petechiation and ecchymosis observed around the eyes and mandible at presentation remain unexplained, and while appearing focal, these lesions may have been more widely distributed but only appreciated in poorly feathered areas.
First, small red or purplish spots and ecchymosis appear along the extremities.
Complications were minor and included transient ecchymosis, oedema, contour irregularities, and tenderness at the sites of injection.
Two study-blind surgeons evaluated the patients' photographs, and mean scores were obtained for every patient for the grading of edema and ecchymosis.
Findings as pain in the medial side of the upper arm, swelling and ecchymosis, asymmetry, and weakness with adduction and internal rotation are common, but the most useful sign is the absence of the anterior axillary fold evidenced by resisted adduction or passive abduction of the affected arm [12].
Focused examination revealed an uncircumcised penis with circumferential phallic ecchymosis and swelling, with left deviation and tenderness to palpation and swelling at the right penile base (peno-scrotal junction).
Among the respondents who were injecting deep muscles (n=65), 14 (22%) reported having at least one prior complication of bleeding or ecchymosis as a result of injecting BTX in an anticoagulated patient.
Soft tissue injuries included laceration, ecchymosis, hematoma, and bleeding.
Episiotomy pain and discomfort were respectively assessed by Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) and REEDA (Redness, Edema, Ecchymosis, Discharge and Approximation) Scales.
Irrespective of the cause of PF, its cardinal manifestations are presence of circumscribed ecchymosis of skin and symmetrical gangrene of the extremities with coagulation abnormalities suggestive of disseminated intravascular coagulation (7).
Nasal trauma commonly presents with epistaxis external nasal deformity periorbital ecchymosis nasal obstruction and pain.
Surgical and non-surgical legs were measured to determine the appropriate size for knee-high GCS, and lower legs were assessed for the presence of skin irregularities (edema, erythema, ecchymosis, blistering, excessive coolness or warmth, breaks in the skin integrity) using standardized criteria.