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ECCLESIA. In classical Greek this word signifies any assembly, and in this sense it is used in Acts xix. 39. But ordinarily, in the New Testament, the word denotes a Christian assembly, and is rendered into English by the word church. It occurs thrice only in, the Gospels, viz. in Matt. xvi. 18, and xviii. 17; but very frequently in the other parts of the New Testament, beginning with Acts ii. 47. In Acts xix. 37, the word churches, in the common English version, seems to be improperly used to denote heathen temples. Figuratively, the word church is employed to signify the building set apart for the Christian assemblies; but the word eclesia is not used in the New Testament in that sense.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Para algunos autores (no es el caso de Corecco) siempre existira una ambiguedad en el binomio ecclesia universalis/ecclesia particularis, y seria preferible el binomio ecclesia universa/ ecclesia localis (15).
En el Contra haereticos o De ecclesia (8) manifiesta su deseo de contribuir a la reforma institucional de la Iglesia (9), y trata especialmente de los sacramentos de la iniciacion cristiana (bautismo, confirmacion y eucaristia), y despues del sacramento del orden de un modo mas original (10).
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Charles Lawson, 60, wrote to Flintshire magistrates saying that it was the Sabbath of his non-denominational Texas-based Ecclesia Bible Church.
-He finished his intermediate and secondary studies at Saint Maron Ecclesia, Ghazir, 1964-1972, and founded with his chaplain Father Anis Abi Aad, the group Saint Maroun Scouts of Lebanon.
"You Are an Exclamation of Love,.: And the Benefits of Becoming a Member of the United Earth Ecclesia" advocates the United Earth Ecclesia, a movement that calls for a greater cooperation throughout the world to work together to protect human interests.
But Billingham Crusaders fared better in the National Christian Cup as last year's beaten finalists progressed with a 5-4 extra-time win at Ecclesia Sheffield.
She had a strong faith and was an active member of the Christadelphian Ecclesia in Worcester, where she taught Sunday School for over 10 years, sharing her love for God with others.
Their prison sentences ranged from three to five years, according to Radio Ecclesia.
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