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ECCLESIASTICAL. Belonging to, or set apart for the church; as, distinguished from civil or secular. Vide Church.

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Fabre always comes back for tranquillizing [134] effect; and if his peasants have something akin to Wordsworth's, his priests may remind one of those solemn ecclesiastical heads familiar in the paintings and etchings of M.
And, while Jerry slew it, knowing that the lust of killing, once started, would lead him to continue killing the silly birds, Agno left the laying-yard to hot-foot it through the mangrove swamp and present to Bashti an ecclesiastical quandary.
Church insurer Ecclesiastical and Church Times' Church Fundraising Idea of the Year Competition 2015 is looking for the most creative initiatives that have helped churches and other places of worship to raise much-needed money to support their activities.
A TEAM of 14 cyclists from across the Ecclesiastical Group of companies has raised over PS11,000 for charity by cycling 337 miles from Essex to their Newcastle offices.
Contract award: Provision of Office, Educational and Ecclesiastical Furniture Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) and Associated Services for 2BUY2 Members Including: establishments under Parish Buying (PB) and Churchmarketplace (CMP) Remit Contract Number: 2BUY2FFE02/15.
an industry-leading provider of loss control and risk management software solutions for insurers, is delighted to announce today that the UK and Ireland operations of Ecclesiastical Insurance has elected to partner with Risk Control Technologies to enhance its customer and underwriting risk management propositions.
Archbishop Chrysostomos on Friday repeated his claim that the Panayia Trachonas money he took from the Ecclesiastical Committee's bank accounts belonged to the Archbishopric, and defended against charges of totalitarianism by saying he would only accept criticism if he carried out his tasks poorly.
It appears that Latin, despite efforts to eradicate it from academia, is here to stay, at least in ecclesiastical quarters.
move does not affect the use of the title by priests in the Vatican's central bureaucracy or by priests holding certain ecclesiastical offices where it has become customary in certain regions of the world, like among diocesan vicar generals in the U.
Summary: A Lebanese abbot who leads a monastery was barred from exercising ecclesiastical duties and sentenced to a life of solitary penitence, according to a statement released by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Byblos and Batroun over the weekend.
THE KIND OF downsizing that has marked corporate Canada may be coming to the ecclesiastical province of Canada--reducing the number of its dioceses so it can carry out God's mission more efficiently.
The campaign has been launched by church insurer Ecclesiastical, which is investing pounds 500,000 of its own money to install roof alarms free of charge on the country's most badly-affected churches.