Ecclesiastical law

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ECCLESIASTICAL LAW. By this phrase it is intended to include all those rules which govern ecclesiastical tribunals. Vide Law Canon.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Clearly Parliament intended that those who were appointed as (church) benefice holders should be subjected to the ecclesiastical law framework.
Ms McEwen regularly writes and speaks on issues affecting the charity sector and is also a member of the Charity Law Association, the Ecclesiastical Law Association and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.
Certainly, the Church's procedural law is merely ecclesiastical law and not of divine mandate, meaning it can easily be changed by the Holy Father in his role as supreme legislator.
For comments, see Frank Cranmer & Scot Peterson, "Employment, Sex Discrimination and the Churches: The Percy Case" (2006) 8:39 Ecclesiastical Law Journal 392; Ogilvie, "Gender Discrimination", supra note 13.
"While we acknowledge their feelings, it doesn't alter the fact that under ecclesiastical law there is no grounds for an extension and Father Robert will retire on August 19.
Further, the author has stated that there was no law in the bureaucratic empires and the arbitrary rule of law is a creation of the eighteenth century Europe, he has perhaps not paid attention to the laws like Torah law, Cannon Law and ecclesiastical law. And most importantly, the author's argument is deeply flawed in understanding the purpose of British Empire in India.
The firm has broadened its expertise more recently with specialism in academy conversions, ecclesiastical law and services offered by BHP Sport, its professional sports management and representation division.
Indeed, for Sohm, ecclesiastical law contradicts the essence of the church.
He advised the bishop on legal matters spanning 25 years with his impressive knowledge of ecclesiastical law.
Philip Wills is an expert in Anglican ecclesiastical law having worked for the Diocese for almost 30 years.
As ecclesiastical law, for example, deficiently reflects divine justice, it must be implemented with mercy--with compassion for frail humanity, an oft-repeated theme in Leo's sermons.
Mr Claus also practices ecclesiastical law, and served as deputy registrar for the Diocese of Birmingham.