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A scree test of the ecological factor analysis for the 61 practices indicated that six factors should be extracted, which together explained 73 percent of the variance.
Among ecological factors, elevation had the most important role in the distribution and diversity of species (Fig.
It is established that on the vast majority of ecological factors score estimates of three habitats of the CPU of the studied types authentically differ (P < 0.001).
Factor 3 has four indexes higher load, the four indexes in turn is landscape ecology, ecological resources of integrity, environmental protection, ecological environment of coordination, and these indicators reflect is ice snow tourism resources and ecological value, so called as ecological factors.
The number of biology changes following the variation of a certain ecological factors, when the biological number reaches the maximum value, the corresponding ecological factor value is the optimal value for this species.
The child--as an ecological factor contributing demands on the teacher--was most often discussed with reference to children with whom teachers felt close, but even those relationships posed behavioral and social-emotional challenges.
Choice of kin in consanguineous marriages: effects of altruism and ecological factors. Ann Hum Biol 2010; 37: 738-53.
Between studied ecological factors, elevation was the most important for variation within and among both the species.
In fact, family satisfaction was the only ecological factor associated with all dimensions of sibling adjustment.
Monahan and O'Leary (1999) detail that violence impedes non-adverse coping skills, affecting many ecological factors:
e, k, c--energy, economical, ecological factors; E, K, C--energy demand, expenses, C[O.sub.2] emission; subscript max--variant with maximal value; subscript min--variant with minimal value; subscript n--pending variant.
450), thus ignoring family and ecological factors affecting the student.

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