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The child--as an ecological factor contributing demands on the teacher--was most often discussed with reference to children with whom teachers felt close, but even those relationships posed behavioral and social-emotional challenges.
Choice of kin in consanguineous marriages: effects of altruism and ecological factors.
Determining playback locations can be difficult, and many ecological factors may affect the suitability of a habitat.
She realized that most parents and teachers wanted their students to learn and be successful, but that oftentimes ecological factors from the past and present made education a secondary priority at best.
These differences in sapwood and heartwood ratios might be attributed to ecological factors such as altitude, lime and organic material content of the soil, and soil type.
Reproductive ecologists investigate reproductive functions and procreative decisions primarily as they are influenced by ecological factors, including nutrition, seasonal variations, and workload.
With the use of geo-spatial technologies it is most likely to establish a reliable rate of deforestation but also assessing forests and woodlands recovery and regenerating potential basing on species composition, site classification and including other ecological factors such as being in low or mountainous areas.
Also ecological factors have promoted the recycling of steel and other metals, as the use of recycled raw material significantly lowers the energy consumption and pollutant production in, for example, steel production.
Although many groups have proposed forest management as an easy way to offset global warming, climatic and ecological factors confound this solution, the researchers say.
The impact of varied ecological factors on identity is considered.
Koenig and her colleagues say a combination of ecological factors enable the lizards to live in suburbia.
Some of the ecological factors addressed by this comprehensive program include:

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