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Thus the role of concrete ecological factors in spatial distribution of the revealed fragment of a biodiversity remains not clear.
Economic factors mainly refer to as exotic landscape level, suitable for recreation, appropriate travel period reflect elements of ice snow tourism resource economic value; cultural elements mainly refers to like the concept of landscape design art, tourism and cultural heterogeneity, the theme of cultural reflect ice snow tourism resources value and culture value elements; ecological factor mainly refers to as landscape ecology, ecological resources of integrity, environmental protection etc.
The differences between cultivars in terms of nutrient content might be also caused by genetic factors as well as cultural practices and ecological factors (temperature, light, humidity, altitude etc.
Our clinical challenge has been to identify and target, on a case by case basis, a limited number of specific individual, situational, and ecological factors associated with the risk for recidivism.
For example, the themes of ecological factors and personal and professional tensions emerged as an unanticipated finding from the teachers' narratives.
Mandara, 2006) related to the influence of parenting and parental factors on African American student behavior and development is mixed and contradictory, the notion of a positive association between Baumrind's (1971) and Maccoby and Martin's (1983) parenting typology and other ecological factors, such as church attendance, family structure, and parental communication, with African American males' achievement is uncertain.
Author Sheridan, a research anthropologist at the Southwest Center and professor at the University of Arizona, employs a theoretical approach called political ecology in order to highlight the ongoing interplay between global political and economic forces and local cultural, demographic, and ecological factors.
Hot temperatures, rainfall amounts and ecological factors such as the bird and mosquito populations have to align just right to trigger an outbreak like the one this year.
Moreover, the early observations could have been explained by differences in genetic and/or ecological factors between the chimpanzee communities, which precluded the interpretation that the chimpanzees were exhibiting 'cultural' differences.
Choice of kin in consanguineous marriages: effects of altruism and ecological factors.
The ecological factors that influence paedomorphosis in salamanders is a rich research area (e.
various ecological factors have an important influence on the formation extension and resistance of wooden species.

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