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While the developers often criticised the conservationists' selective 'acceptance' of ecological science produced through the dispute, their own interpretations and manipulations of the same science were no less selective or interwoven with alternative epistemologies than were the conservationists'.
He graduated with a BSc degree in ecological science from Edinburgh in 1976.
Apparently, much interest in applied aspects of ecological science was generated from a variety of sources.
current integration of ecological science is overly simplistic, ad hoc,
Ecological science has moved away from the foundational beliefs that nature possesses a hidden order--that there are ecological "systems" or "communities" the "structure" of which "naturally" or by definition excludes human influence.
He was educated at Alloa Academy and Edinburgh University, where he got a BSc honours in ecological science and a Masters in urban design and regional planning.
Born in Britain to a family of hippies who spent time at the famous spiritual retreat and commune of Findhorn in Scotland, Sleath took a summer job at the Fringe Festival while studying ecological science and forestry at the University of Edinburgh.
A powerful melding of traditional Aboriginal knowledge of land management and Western ecological science is producing outstanding results in a 'Burning for Biodiversity' project in Kakadu National Park.
Having personally benefited from direct experience in ecological science alongside practicing scientists, teachers are better situated to create authentic science experiences for their students.
challenging the notion of ecological science as the master narrative for
Sellers, 48: Born in Sussex in 1955, Sellers graduated from Cranbrook School in 1973 and went on to study ecological science at the University of Edinburgh receiving a bachelor of science degree in 1976.
She and Jacintha Ellers, now at the Institute of Ecological Science in Amsterdam, analyzed coloration of clouded sulphur butterflies (Colias eriphyle) in Colorado's Rocky Mountains.

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