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I'll be meeting ecologists, farmers and shepherds to see if there is anything we could use from their experiences.
Dormice open hazelnuts in a very particular way," said ecologist Gareth Parkinson.
An environmentally sustainable economy, an eco-economy, requires ecological principles establish the framework of economic policy and that economists and ecologists work together to fashion the new economy.
Ecologists fear the salmon will breed with wild salmon possibly creating a hybrid fish.
A delegation of Russian ecologists headed by Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation Sergey Donskoy arrived in Tehran a week ago to discuss avenues to reestablish the wild cats, press tv reported.
Peter Lancashire, the lead ecologist, will make regular visits to the brook to make sure no voles return.
2) Paul O'Connor and Jacqueline Spoehel, ecologists for the county Vector Control District, take blood from a chicken in Encino to test for disease that mosquitoes also spread to people.
In the 1990s, however, ecologists are warning that this second-growth forest could be suffering a fatal blow from nitrogen emissions and sulfate issuing from electrical and chemical plants in the Kanawha, Ohio, and Tennessee river valleys.
El Centro has been under construction since the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission granted a permit to Texas Ecologists early this year.
Prescribed burning has once again gained wide acceptance among fire ecologists (scientists who study the ecology of fire).
O'Connor and Spoehel are vector ecologists working in a clandestine Santa Clarita Valley location with one of the five ``sentinel flocks,'' chickens that live a comfortable life in shaded enclosures with regular meals and the occasional massage.
Ecologists estimate that it would take three planet Earths to provide an American standard of living to the entire world.