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Charles Convis and the ECP have made a significant difference in providing the technical tools, data, training, and community to practice landscape ecology," says Peter August, Society for Landscape Ecologists.
A FRENCH Canadian ecologist living in North Wales has won a scholarship to study shepherds in the French Alps.
When he returned to Madison, Curtis taught with the conventional textbooks but acknowledged and allowed his students to read articles by ecologists offering novel ideas like Gleason's.
Now the council has agreed to draw on the expertise of a team of ecologists at the Warwickshire Ecology Unit in Warwick to advise on future developments planned for the city.
In recent years, however, ecologists have come to question these assumptions.
Ecologist Josh Donlan of Cornell, Greene, and 10 other conservation biologists have summarized that meeting and their plan for Pleistocene rewilding in Nature last year and in the upcoming American Naturalist article.
However, the agency fell short of adopting a resolution made by a panel of ecologists against the part of the proposed route that comes within one kilometer of Baikal, the world's largest freshwater lake.
He includes contributions from firefighters, ecologists, botanists, and other scientists to discuss topics such as fire behavior, land management, and knowledge of the natural environment to help residents better protect their homes and families and form closer connections with their surroundings.
The job seems simple but is complicated by a world that has been so affected by humans that ecologists don't know what "natural" really is.
Ecologists have traditionally focused extensively on Earth's least disturbed areas such as wilderness areas, rain forests, and 'pristine' habitats.

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