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The Economic Analysis Division will provide the Commission with analytical and quantitative support.
Most federal financial regulators are structured as independent regulatory agencies and thus excluded from the executive orders mandating economic analysis. In a 2011 executive order, President Barack Obama took a step toward integrating independent regulatory agencies into the existing economic analysis framework by urging them to conduct regulatory analysis:
The business case for CAIM depends on economic analysis and standard methods for conducting such economic evaluations exist.
Given the desperate living situation being faced by people in both Sudan and South Sudan, the World Bank's economic analysis unambiguously shows that it is in the interests of both countries to resume talks urgently and resolve their ongoing dispute over oil payments and other issues peacefully.
The economic analysis was used to demonstrate the significant positive economic benefits of the project, including direct impacts on employment and business activity, spinoff effects on the local economy, and neighborhood vitality.
With chapter 4 providing a theological interlude highlighting the whole hierarchic world order (from which the economic analysis itself now prescinds), chapter 5 outlines the breakthrough to economic science itself.
Regional economic chiefs in Asia, New Zealand and Australia will continue to be responsible for regional economic analysis and will report directly to Hogan.
cc/4kk, or the Bureau of Economic Analysis website at
Sources from the now closed Agency for Economic Analysis and Forecasting have told that the shutting down of their institution might have been motivated by the fact that the Agency enjoying a higher degree of independence as a research unit than the Ministry's Directorate, which will assume its functions.
An economic analysis was conducted of ten industry clusters and a related survey of representatives of business and industry.
Indeed, some of the most successful applications of economic analysis to policymaking, such as the programs for tradable pollution permits, began with extensive data analysis, but then applied this analysis to improving the structure and effectiveness of these programs.
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