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Most commonly, the gross proceeds of a business transaction less the costs of the transaction; i.e., net proceeds. Excess of revenues over expenses for a transaction; sometimes used synonymously with net income for the period. Gain realized from business or investment over and above expenditures.

Accession of good, valuable results, useful consequences, avail, or gain. The benefit, advantage, or pecuniary gain accruing to the owner or occupant of land from its actual use; as in the familiar phrase rents, issues and profits, or in the expression mesne profits.


noun accruance, accumulation, acquisition, advantage, augmentation, avails, benefaction, benefit, clearance, compensation, dividend, earnings, emolument, financial reward, fructus, fruits, gain, growth, harvest, improvement, incentive, income, increase, interest, meed, output, pay, payment, prize, proceeds, produce, quaestus, realization, remuneration, return, revenue, reward, service, take, utility, value received, windfall, winnings, yield
Associated concepts: accumulated profits, anticipated proffts, capital, carrying on business for profit, distributable profits, excessive profits, excess profits tax, gross profit, loss of profits, margin of profit, net profit, not for profit, peeuniary profits, profit a prendre, profit sharing, prospective profit, remote profits, secret profits, speculative profits, surrlus profits, underwriting profits, undistributed profits
Foreign phrases: Ubi periculum, ibi et lucrum collocatur.He who risks a thing, should receive the profits arising from it.


verb acquire, advance, assist, avail, be better for, be improved by, be of use, benefit, cash in on, clear, confer a benefit on, contribute, draw profit from, edify, gain, gain advantage, harvest, help, improve, learn a lesson from, make capital out of, make good use of, make immrovement, make money by, make use of, obtain a return, produce a good effect, produce a good result, put to use, realize, reap, reap the fruits, turn to account, use, utilize, yield returns
See also: advantage, attain, avail, bear, behalf, benefit, betterment, boom, capitalize, collect, commission, dividend, earn, earnings, edification, fee, gain, inure, output, pay, perquisite, proceeds, prosperity, realization, realize, reap, revenue, succeed, utility, worth, yield
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Based on their TSR and economic profit for the years 2008 to 2012, the S&P 1,500 companies can be split into four groups that represent a phase in the value-creating life cycle:
Economic profit = Invested capital x (Return on invested capital--Weighted average cost of capital)
For each business unit, establish an absolute requirement that it consistently earn at least its cost of capital (a positive economic profit each year), meaning that it must be creating and not destroying shareholder value.
Section 2 discusses the standard incorporation of sunk costs into the total cost function and the resulting problem of measuring economic profits.
Under competitive conditions, the producer does not make any economic profit since Total Cost is equal to Total Revenue.
For the period between June and December 2007, Isla's monthly accounting and economic profits were both negative, based on the calculation below:
This is the opposite of the long-held general perception that, in theory, maximising economic profit can lead to stock depletion or even extinction,' Professor Grafton says.
In this volume, he begins with the astute observation that industrialization has demoralized labor, detaching it from our humanity and leaving it to be no more than a marketable service, an instrumentalized good with which we barter for economic profit.
Clorox executives said economic profit will be the "key measure" the company uses to drive enhanced performance, and will restructure its business units accordingly to see where the most economic value is being generated.
Knowing EPR, we can calculate economic profit with the added vacation.
In fiscal year 2007, Clorox generated about $379 million in economic profit versus about $348 million in the prior year, for an increase of 9 percent.
The board has adopted a policy to reward shareholders commensurate with company performance, and, at the same time, provide management with the resources needed to grow economic profit.

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