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The employers were asked to what extent are satisfied with the training of university graduates economic sciences.
With financial support from the Foundation of Euro-Mediterranean Institutes of Economic Sciences, researchers at Al Akhawayn University examine medical education and research as sectors that capture the external effect of skilled labor migration and propose a decision model for measuring the economic, social, and behavioral factors of medical doctor migration.
On the other hand, the source referred to the explosion of a car bomb near the Faculty of Economic Sciences in Eskan area west of Baghdad, without causing casualties.
Said to be the largest in the Middle East, the ECSSR's UAE Federation Library has reached one million titles in Arabic and English, specialising in strategic, political, military, security, social and economic sciences.
Photos of Eugene F Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert J Shiller, the Nobel laureates in Economic Sciences 2013, displayed on a screen during a press conference at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, in Stockholm.
Kahneman received the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 02002 for his work (with Amos Tversky) in "prospect theory" that founded the new discipline of behavioral economics.
This forum aims, amongst other things, at establishing a code of ethics for the economic media and journalism with the participation of specialists in media agencies, faculties specialized in media, economic sciences and management from Arab universities.
He shared the 1994 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with game theorists Reinhard Selten and John Harsanyi.
Born in 1958, Fouad Laroui is also an economist who worked as an engineer for the Moroccan phosphates company before going to the United Kingdom where he obtained a PhD in economic sciences.
Academician Bexheti is one of the most respected people in the economic sciences, a proven intellectual and experienced politician.
Cypriot Professor Christopher Pissarides, the 2010 Nobel Prize winner for Economic Sciences, will address the Ministers on the link between education and economic performance -- an issue highlighted in the OECD`s recent `Education At A Glance` report.
The forum was organised at the initiative of the Sfax Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management, with the assistance of the Islamic Research and Training Institute, coming under the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).