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The Texas Economic Activity Index, to be published monthly and available free online, is calculated from nine equally weighted, seasonally-adjusted indicators of economic activity in Texas.
The Philadelphia Fed's state indexes show that economic activity in Ohio was stagnant though much of 2007 and into the early part of 2008.
Among those who said they were currently unemployed, just 10 percent said they believed the government would be better at generating economic activity, while 65 percent favored the private sector.
Social service groups which include family services, daycare, shelters, services for youth, the elderly, or persons with disabilities led the field in the rate of economic activity growing by 23.
These belong to different categories of economic activity.
Once we stop worrying about mixing economic activity and intimacy, we can start worrying about working toward the right mixes.
Sabol also wondered aloud whether the anticipated reconstruction boom would do little more than offset the post-hurricane decline in economic activity that has shut down thousands of businesses along the Gulf Coast.
The widespread devastation in the Gulf region, the associated dislocation of economic activity, and the boost to energy prices imply that spending, production, and employment will be set back in the near term.
Of course, another consequence of monetary tightening is a subsequent slowdown in economic activity, and the predictive result follows.
Resource extraction and utilization as it relates to the sciences and technologies involved with the extraction of valuable resources from the Earth, its moon and other planetary bodies for the purposes of greater understanding, economic activity, or logistics and support; and
I confess that throughout my many years in various forms of international business journalism, I have tried to analyze economic activity in national terms.
But detailed analyses provide little support for financial markets' ability to reveal future economic activity.