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The main factors limiting the enterprises remain the uncertain economic environment and competition in the branch.
1 New York: Ranks 2nd in safety conditions, 7th in economic environment and 1st in driving laws
The chief economist at India-based Yes Bank has said that India needs to have a strong economic environment in order to encourage growth.
Deteriorations in the economic environment for our customers, in particular property and construction, means we have made further prudent provisions for potential bad debt.
Summary: Morocco is an "extremely attractive" country for investments, thanks notably to its political and economic environments, Director General of France Telecom Stephane Richard said.
Summary: <p>US regulators said total losses from large loans at banks and other financial institutions nearly tripled to $53 billion in 2009, due to a deteriorating economic environment and continued weak underwriting standards.
At a time when practices are increasingly under pressure, these skills are more important than ever as businesses look to overcome the challenges of a tough economic environment.
The Third Annual Winter Forum will continue to showcase the cutting-edge strategies utilized by the most successful funds and investors to thrive in the current economic environment.
It's important that today's entrepreneurs discover the hidden opportunities in this economic environment.
We anticipated that the difficult economic environment would negatively affect our sales and profitability for the quarter," said CEO Dana Messina.
Today, given world events and the more difficult world economic environment, current year targets do look increasingly challenging," Chief Executive Paul Walsh told the group's annual general meeting.
The rating action is prompted by Moody's growing concern that the current deteriorating economic environment may continue to pressure MHI's earnings and financial profile over the intermediate term,'' the U.

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