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Jaloudi noted that the rise or fall of economic indicators depends largely on the changing political circumstances, thus the need to promote economic culture awareness among all members of the society.
The Chemical Activity Barometer is a leading economic indicator derived from a composite index of chemical industry activity.
He praised the previous reforms results that resulted in the improvement of many economic indicators and the government's efforts aimed at reducing interest rates and encouraging the private sector, which led to the stability of Yemen's national currency and the inflation rates.
While economic indicators softened in March," UO economist Tim Duy said, "they still point toward continued growth in the Oregon economy.
With so many people poised to react to the same information, economic indicators have tremendous potential to generate volume and to move prices.
Summary: Global demand, the most significant economic indicator, was the first casualty of the economic downturn that had spread out of the US to the world in September 2008.
But he also said that caution over downside risks to the economy is still necessary since many economic indicators have yet to recover to the level before the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
This discusses common economic indicators and how to read and understand them, from real estate trends and early inflation warnings to how to read manufacturing reports.
The coincident indicator, an average of eight weighted economic indicators.
Synopsis: Both of Gallup's key economic indicators are the worst they have been this year -- 44% of Americans rate economic conditions as "poor," and 87% of Americans say the economy is getting worse.
Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Communities, announced on 16 October the launch of a new website, bringing together in one single place a set of the most relevant and timely short-term economic indicators for the eurozone and the European Union.
Bolivia's economic indicators of the past year depict a country on its way toward economic development.

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