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It is because her crimes, like the travels of Robinson Crusoe, are rooted in the dynamics of economic individualism that Moll Flanders is essentially different from the protagonists of the picaresque novel.
He provides managerial and operational possibilities for how public values might operate in practice and shows where they diverge from approaches rooted in economic individualism.
It seems sometimes to designate an economic individualism directed against the restrictions of an organic society (48, 54, 79) while at other times denoting an ideal that envisioned the possibility of betterment, including moral and spiritual growth, for every person (8-9, 176).
Social scientists who believe that democracy in the United States is suffering erosion from the forces of economic individualism, religious conservation and a corporate commercial hegemony will find much intellectual substance in the work of political theorist, Paul Goldstene.
But European civilisation also encompassed three more specific qualities: economic individualism, political liberty and civilised behaviour, in at least two of which England provided a role model for the rest of Europe.
Economic individualism, reflecting a person's belief about whether individual striving is rewarded, is unrelated to the racial policy opinions of both whites and blacks.
Members of the Northampton community were also united by their rejection of the economic individualism embraced by "free soil" and "free labor" abolitionists.
Presenting a Marxist analysis of the rise and fall of the Singapore Nge Hen Kongui, Carl Tracki presents us with an economic model contrasting the Chinese brotherhood against European market capitalism and economic individualism.