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The placement of a particular sum of money in business ventures, real estate, or Securities of a permanent nature so that it will produce an income.

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n. the money put into use for profit, or the property or business interest purchased for profit. (See: invest)

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the process by which funds are deployed with the object of producing gain, either in the form of income or addition to capital.
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It is worth recalling that the creation of the Economic Investment Council is part of the Task Force for Tunisia, whose objective is to co-ordinate and mobilise efforts for the benefit of the country and its democratic process.
"For example in supporting smaller scale, and ongoing social, environmental and economic investments that achieve sustainable economic growth and wellbeing, and that are more typical of rural economies."
The finance and budget bill for 2010, adopted Tuesday by People's National Assembly (Parliament), confirms State will to pursue in terms of social policy and the fight against unemployment along with encouraging economic investment. Despite the current decline in revenue in the wake of declining world oil prices, the state intends to maintain the pace of its efforts for reinforcing social policy, the fight against unemployment and achieving stronger growth.
In its decision, the Ninth Circuit concluded that the transferor has basis in its own debt obligation equal to the face value of such debt obligation, because the transferor increased its "economic investment" in the transferee by the amount of its debt obligation.
A fundamental case for respecting any existing heritage concerns the intellectual, physical and economic investment already made in it; this is nothing to do with what the building or area looks like.
According to Tom Gessler, demand for these and other types of critical medical services will further sustain economic investment in the downtown area.
Yet, stressed Som Pal, it receives only 1.3 per cent of economic investment, at a time when European and American farmers received massive public subsidies.
"It could be a barrier to more welcome economic investment and could lead to a reduction in house values."
But the new chief executive of the economic development agency will be under pressure to draw in major economic investment.
300 (1983), in which nonrecourse debt permits a taxpayer to have a basis in excess of his economic investment. If a taxpayer is willing to increase his exposure to personal liability through the contribution of a valid, unconditional promissory note with full recourse, there is no basis in excess of economic investment.
While the new circuits of economic investment and technological communication appear to be erasing our sense of place and local identity, Lipsitz argues, they are also forging connections, dependencies, and vital intercultural communications across the migrant-busy map of the new world order.