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It is well documented that Greece's economic malaise is a consequence of myriad poor decisions, including an economy in which 20 percent are employed by the government in no-cut jobs and where tax evasion is a national sport.
Financial fear in housing driven by weak consumer confidence, growing unemployment and economic malaise are contributing to a troubled real estate sector.
But Las Vegas, despite deep-running economic malaise, has become attractive once again because of low hotel rates, said Nevada CEOs, who claim conditions in the have finally bottomed out even as local economists counter that the worst is not over.
Despite the economic malaise, Costco announced an aggressive growth program that will accelerate over the next five years.
Anthony O'Keefe of DTZ, said: "Notwithstanding the current economic malaise, Cross 580 continues to attract occupiers and interest.
Small businesses are the lifeblood of the region and are essential to spearhead its recovery from the current economic malaise.
We remain concerned however, that the company's supernormal returns are increasingly coming under pressure as unemployment rises and economic malaise continues.
If the world is to emerge from the current economic malaise, it will require a focus on international trade which can help fuel virtually the only growth in evidence, which is in developing countries,' he said.
Even with today's economic malaise, our leaders are encouraging us to shop rather than save, for the sake of "the economy.
He said, "This is an indication that, in spite of the economic malaise, there are buyers out there who will in aggressively acquire quality assets from motivated sellers.
MANAMA: The GCC financial sector is an antidote to the prevailing global economic malaise that is affecting financial institutions in the region, a senior banker claimed.