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Among all these (not to mention even Hong Kong and Singapore, which from the beginning have had open economic policies), the record of economic participation of foreign capital, nationals and modern technology on a per head basis in creating output, productivity and wealth in these economies are multiples of what our nationalistic economic policies have done for us.
He said that all out efforts would be made to further improve the policies particularly economic policies to achieve development and prosperity for the country.
The main focus of Mandviwalla's tenure will be the upcoming Federal Budget 2015-16, the privatization of public entities, reforms in economic policies, and the improvement of the current taxation system.
The first two components of GEPMI-Arab States aim to institutionalize the courses at the University of Bahrain with the objective to produce a critical mass of economic policy makers and practitioners with the skills that are needed to identify and address gender biases in the economic sectors and to analyse economic policies and budgets from a gender perspective.
Upon signing, Bulgaria will present a political declaration referring to the period before the country joins the euro zone on the application of part 4 of the EU fiscal treaty which refers to the coordination of economic policies, thus declaring a de facto Bulgarian opt-out from some provisions such as the harmonization of tax policies.
A modern guide to Keynesian macroeconomics and economic policies.
Now we have 17 different countries in the EU, 17 different finance ministers, 17 different tax systems and 17 different economic policies.
In his view the approval of the credit line is a strong signal and recognition that the public finances and the overall economic policies are of good quality and that the country will continue with such economic policies in the future too.
The overall economic situation and economic policies were also discussed during the meeting.
The aim of a decade-long development of the macroeconomic theory based on macroeconomic bases and economic policies has been the macroeconomic stability--price stability, and it depends on rational expectations of economic actors as well as on the influence exerted by the economic policy on the real economic activity which is not possible either in long-term or in short-term period.
GEORGE Osborne's economic policies came under attack on three fronts yesterday.
Summary: ABU DHABI u Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, highlighted the importance of coordinating the formulation of economic policies to address the local, regional and international challenges and thus strengthen the performance of the national economy.

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