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6) The economic, social and cultural rights dealt with in the context of economic refugees in this study are thus considered in general rather than as individual economic, social and cultural rights.
Secondly, if Australia opens the backdoor gates for economic refugee seekers, the numbers that would flood Australia from all corners of the world as many countries in the region and beyond do not enjoy the economic status and opportunities that Australia offers to its citizens.
At least 65 local faith congregations representing thousands of people are directly involved in projects to assist those who have become economic refugees in an unprecedented, global system of disastrous inequality.
Refugees, who used to be pitied within the older framework of humanitarian paternalism as long as there were few, are now barred from entering the country and being called economic refugees (i.
They then seek passage to the South via a third country, or previously via embassies and consulates in China, because Beijing sees them as economic refugees and forcibly repatriates them to North Korea.
The deal, signed Friday, stipulates that Greek authorities must process the asylum claims of newly arrived economic refugees and migrants and return those who do not apply for asylum or whose claims are denied.
It is sad that some Filipinos desperate to find job have falsified their curriculum vitae in order to qualify to migrate to New Zealand as economic refugees and in order to convince prospective employers that they have skills that they do not have.
There are many difficult questions that have to be resolved around both short and longer-term issues in relation to migration into Europe by both genuine asylum seekers, economic refugees and those who may have other motives.
He has the courage to speak out against the politicians and reporters of the mass media who support uncontrolled immigration into Europe by millions of mostly economic refugees, now flooding into Eastern Europe from Syria and many other nations.
They are the economic refugees - the people that because of their social or economic circumstances are compelled to work for minimum wage, yet deliver the highest standards in service.
On the contrary, due to the economic austerity imposed by the northern European states that are often the target destinations for economic refugees, the Mediterranean states are struggling with minimal resources and barren budgets to tackle the issue of African and Middle Eastern migrants.
Now,with the mass migration of unaccompanied children, words like undocumented aliens, illegal immigrants, economic refugees, border crossers, detainees and asylum seekers are only some of the terms used to describe those new migrants entering the country.

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