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What we do is provide charts and data of every economic sector in Lebanon.
The study provided a set of recommendations related to policies and procedures that may contribute to creating new job opportunities for jobseekers at all economic sectors including industry and to limit the challenges that hamper access of the national manpower to labour market.
We are optimistic that market activity will gain further momentum with the presence of new companies from economic sectors currently unrepresented in the market, which underlines the success of DFM's strategy on listings as we endeavour to achieve the best possible illustration of key economic sectors on our market," said Kasim.
Al Mansouri reiterated that the Council will eventually pave the way for the establishment of a coalition of major UAE companies investing in key foreign markets across economic sectors as part of its mandate to drive investments of such companies in the designated markets.
What is most important is that opportunities for growth exist in the majority of economic sectors of Cyprus," he said.
The President appreciated APO's role in promoting productivity-related activities for strengthening economic sectors of Pakistan with special emphasis on industrial, services, public, agriculture, energy efficiency, social and research sectors.
He showed a map of Turkey where various economic sectors were drawn up, along with each sector's batch of incentives for potential investors.
Public finances (public investment program) should be directed for development of those economic sectors where growth facilitates development of certain economic sectors having multiplicative effect for development of related sectors.
of Mongolia, examines the process of economic transition and development at the national level since Mongolia began the transition to a market economy, describes the Mongolian economic system in terms of different economic sectors and market components, explores outstanding issues of transition and development, and considers trends of national economic development.
The meeting tackled many public issues concerning the work of the economic sectors and investment projects, means of supporting and boosting them and dealing with obstacles and difficulties.