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RECESSION. A re-grant: the act of returning the title of a country to a government which formerly held it, by one which has it at the time; as the recession of Louisiana, which took place by the treaty between France and Spain, of October 1, 1800. See 2 White's Coll. 516.

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Congress leader Anand Sharma told ANI that "I hope the Prime Minister in his tomorrow's speech will speak on economic slowdown and employment be it informal or formal sector.
His comments have come at a time when the armed forces are already reeling under the pressure of economic slowdown.
Despite the predicted economic slowdown, Huang said next year China's government is unlikely to ease its monetary policy designed to dampen rising consumer prices.
Economic slowdown has led to a decline in employment activity in the Gulf region, according to a study carried out by gulftalent.
Ravi said Indian missions in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar have also reported job losses for Indians in these countries, while some Indians have returned from Malaysia due to economic slowdown.
Summary: can weather the global economic slowdown and grow by 3 percent this year, the International Monetary Fund said on Monday.
In a major new study exploring consumer behavior toward self-medication and non-prescription medicines, The Nielsen Company highlights the polarizing impact that the global economic slowdown is having.
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said its latest data showed the UK was showing "tentative signs" of a pause in the economic slowdown.
NATIONAL Express reported "strong" business growth yesterday as people chose public transport over cars in a bid to beat the economic slowdown.
In that sense today's decision is a brave one by the Bank and indicates that they are listening to business and taking seriously their responsibilities to put a stop to the economic slowdown.
The change from our previous estimate of value growth for this market primarily reflects the negative impact of the recently weakened US dollar, the general economic slowdown in the US, and possibly going forward some economic slowdown in Europe," it said.
And despite the overall economic slowdown, six of 11 export industries received an A or A-minus grade in this year's forecast.