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Talking to media outside the Parliament House, he said that with economic stability, more jobs opportunities would be created.
During the meeting, they discussed the development of relations between the two countries in various fields, which reflected positively on the consolidation of political and economic stability in the region in general, and discussed expanding the horizons of bilateral cooperation in the fields of oil and energy.
Bahrain is making stronger progress in the education and infrastructure dimensions, lesser progress in economic stability and employment, and the country is receding in the dimension of governance.
Wali (governor of North Kordofan State, Ahmed Haroun said in a press statement after meeting the Assistant of the President at the Republican Palace , Thursday that the country is approaching stage of economic stability after achievement of political and security stability .
'The government is cognizant that social media platforms are being used as vehicles of weaponization against India's strategic interests, economic stability, etc, and government is committed to take suitable action to deter this,' said Prasad in the Rajya Sabha.
He added that the economic stability had become more vital at this juncture for making the country economically stable, bringing prosperity and boosting development process.
Asif said the economic stability had become more vital at this juncture for making the country economically stable, bringing prosperity and to boost development process in the country.
There is unidirectional causality between the variables included in the model: savings and economic stability, savings and population, savings and government stability, population size and economic stability, government stability and foreign remittances, foreign remittances and savings except between economic stability and foreign remittances, and between economic stability and income inequality.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- One of the basic debates in Turkey concerns the correlation between political stability and economic stability, since, crucially, we lack both of them.
The Family Village is a Dh156 million unique charity project that will ensure social, psychological, and economic stability for orphans here.
Global Banking News-October 16, 2014--Russian central bank to consider non-standard means for economic stability
The meeting touched on supporting the development projects aimed at strengthening economic stability and propping up sustainable and inclusive growth, in addition to supporting the financial reform program.