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Economic stability is expected to increase saving levels because if people have higher per capita income and inflation and unemployment are low in the economy then people may have better capacity to save, resultantly it may enhance saving levels.
This is the reason I think that a single-party government is not able to guarantee the economic stability in our country.
For his part, the AMF Director affirmed the fund's keenness to continue supporting Yemen as a result of the economic, political and security difficult conditions the country undergoes, praising the performance of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank in maintaining the economic stability.
IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde affirmed that "Arab Countries in Transition have maintained economic stability while navigating through difficult economic and socio-political terrain.
BEIRUT: Shoring up the Lebanese industrial sector is key for restoring economic stability, said officials who celebrated the "Lebanese Industry Day" Monday.
A Downing Street spokesman said: "Leaders agreed the need for countries to continue to take the necessary action to secure global economic stability and to support growth.
Dombrovskis pointed out that fiscal discipline and economic growth are quite often opposing principles - however, Latvia's example in overcoming the crisis has proven that economic stability is the main precondition for growth.
Civil peace is crucial for financial and economic stability and progress," BCCI chairman Dr Essam Fakhro said.
ECONOMIC stability to give small businesses the confidence to grow should be the main message when the Chancellor delivers his Budget today.
DAVOS, Jan 31, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's economy minister has said the Turkish government's top economic policy target for 2011 was to make sure that economic stability takes a stronger foothold in the country.
Money and Budget Parliamentary Committee Head, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, considered today that the political stability in the Country surely helps in boosting its economic stability as well.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Finance Minister Behrouz Alishiri underlined Iran's economic stability, and said Tehran welcomes investment of foreign companies in the country's infrastructures.