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In fact, economies of scale studies on libraries can be traced back to as early as the 1960s when economist William J.
Similarly, we owe much of the productivity resurgence of the latter 1990s not to the efficient application of information technology (IT), but to a revival of a traditional mass market in standardized versions of IT products, with the attendant economies of scale for their producers.
Such questions about economies of scale also lead one to consider whether or not the larger mini-mills can affect scrap pricing in their particular regions.
These economies of scale include financing costs for the acquired brands.
It's about knowing what those economies of scale are, and the best guess so far is that they are information distribution, and connectedness.
Several major "mergers" have characterized the sector in recent years, as companies sought economies of scale to boost operating margins.
If these companies can sort out the logistics of delivery, they can potentially gain big economies of scale from consolidating production.
Dofasco plans to compete and help its customers compete by relying on economies of scale.
The two boards are working collaboratively to leverage economies of scale offered by the solution in the event of a disaster situation.
The resulting economies of scale are reducing costs and paving the way for further reductions in the future.