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This broader range of potential locations favors a higher degree of relatedness in the product diversification strategy by increasing the possibilities of achieving and the impact of economies of scope.
The firm may be able to achieve economies of scope by leveraging standard systems and technology among investments (i.
Economic * Is the assumption valid that economies of scope will favour this 3-in-1 intervention (i.
The first is that they may realize economies of scope by keeping their labor and capital busier than stand-alone facilities.
The second point--that PFFS plans served as feeders to other plan types--is evidence that firms make joint entry and marketing decisions across product types, suggesting that economies of scope may be important and, therefore, that market structure for one product (e.
Users consider the benefits of knowledge spillovers and economies of scope as well as the sacrifices of possible compromised independence resulting from economic bonding with joint provision of audit and nonaudit services.
Consequently, the FDA with pleasure adopted the GMPs, but proceeded to enforce them in ways that are enormously costly--thus adversely affecting all firms, big and small, in the industry, to the great benefit of those, like the pharmaceutical companies, which rely on economies of scope and scale in standardized mass manufacture of drug and supplement products that already satisfy these same kinds of regulations.
question the economic basis for keeping the rule in place, given the influence of newspapers on voter information and turnout, the recent declines in newspaper revenues and news production expenditures, and the potential economies of scope available to joint owners of news outlets in multiple media," the professors wrote.
Release date- 22072011 - MAN is making another move to actively leverage economies of scope within the Group.
Abdul Rahman, professor of economics and finance at the University of Ottowa, said, "If I agree that there are economies of scope between investment banking operations and retail banking, there is a great demand on bank directors to insuring that these so-called economies of scope are obtained in a way that does lead to inefficient transfer pricing between the different groups.
The results hinge on the concept of economies of scope.
Economies of scope are cost-saving externalities between product lines or distribution channels.