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In economization of public and private the theme of "preference" and "choice" plays a central role in relation to responsiblizing individuals and what they desire to do with their lives in relation to the self-regulating markets.
The Liebert DSE system is the first pumped refrigerant economization system for use in data centers, and it uses no water and introduces no outside air into the data center.
Therefore, this preconditioned the economization of all walks of public life, the reduction of the state up to the level of an enterprise, quantitative effectiveness orientation of public sector institutions, the treatment of citizens as clients and turning civil servants into human resources.
Gong argues that the popularity of Yu's cultural prose reflects both the aestheticization of the economy and the economization of aesthetics (40); for "the commercial success of" the writing "rests largely on socialist heritages" (43).
We agree with the opinion of experts (Krc, Kunc, Ochrana and others) who state that the way to respond to those questions is the need to implement the process of economization of activities in the area of defence.
It consists of water-cooled centrifugal chillers with open loop cooling towers for heat rejection and plate and frame heat exchangers for series (integrated) waterside economization.
With regard to economization, Ortega y Gasset claimed that the mission of the university is to teach only that which is to be learned, all other questions are not of its concern.
Presentations there eventually became the chapters of this volume, and the SSRC is to be commended for its collection of such thought-provoking work around a topic of growing importance: the shifting terrain of global politics that seems to be accompanying an international turn towards neoliberal economization.
He's also seen a shift in the use of outside air economization, which uses "free" cooler air from the outdoors for equipment cooling needs.
The paper presents worldwide claim on economization with metals used in telecommunication for antenna or shielding covers production.
The TBCSR above 110 is the vascular type of blood circulation self-regulation, indicating the economization of functional reserves, but dangerous, with the threat of vascular forms of primary hypertension [32,33].
Proprietary economization software virtually eliminates liquid cylinder vent loss and substantially reduces residual return.