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Premium Economy Class will provide an extensive range of food and beverage offerings, which includes the Premium Economy Book the Cook service, enabling advance ordering of a selection of main courses.
It will also allow us to delight our customers by making even more improvements to our Business Class and Economy Class cabins.
From as early as December 1 -- nine days earlier than scheduled -- Lufthansa customers will be able to enjoy Premium Economy Class on all flights on the Boeing 747-8 fleet.
The fares of Economy Class, AC Sleeper and AC standard of Subak Raftar, Subak Kharam, Islamabad Express, Rawal Express, Khyber Mail, Tez Gam and Jaafar Express too have been reduced by 10 percent.
5 million passengers per year in our new Premium Economy Class.
He said the remarkable reduction in AC class fares would enable economy class passengers to select the class according to their facility, adding the impression by the paper that economy class fares had not been reduced was false and against the facts.
With delicious complimentary food and drinks served on board, we can ensure that all our economy class customers can simply sit back and enjoy their journey with Oman Air and make the most of the tremendous facilities available on board," he added.
New long-haul economy class seats feature a cradle mechanism which is designed to enhance the level of comfort in the recline position along with touch screen personal televisions, a USB outlet and an iPhone/iPod outlet and improved living space and more personal storage space.
Etihad Airways, a UAE-based national airline, has introduced an aircraft which has been configured to include only Economy Class passengers.
Cathay issued business class tickets from New Delhi to Sydney and economy class tickets from Sydney to LA.
Congress chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Monday travelled to Mumbai in the economy class via flight, setting an example for all ministers.
Passengers who booked an Economy Class special fare before July 10 were automatically given an upgrade to Business Class, allowing them to travel to Dubai and beyond in Business Class at an Economy Class price.