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Oregon State Police forensic lab supervisor Ken Meneely said GHB and Ecstacy, another related club drug, are rare.
He supplied thousands of ecstacy tablets to a middleman who in turn dealt them to the police officers.
Of this total 23 involved cannabis with the others being amphetamine, cocaine and ecstacy.
Set within the discursive context of a series of media stories surrounding the deaths of three young adults who had ingested the designer drug ecstacy in 1999, the summer of 2000 was witness to heightened media attention concerning rave dance parties held in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
But that's not a surprise, given that the target industry is not in a state of ecstacy right now," said Roland Bleinroth, president of Messe Frankfurt, which sponsors the event.
The latest addition to the recreational drug cabinet is Viagra, often used to correct the impotency side effects of other drugs, including ecstacy, ketamine, and crystal meth.
The New England Patriots suspended cornerback Ty Law yesterday, two days after he was stopped at the Canadian border in possession of Ecstacy.
She designates Titian's erotic conception of Mary Magdalene a "Christian Venus" (192) understanding her sensuality as expressive of spiritual ecstacy, but refuses to grant that Jupiter's rape of Europa or of Danae might have carried Christian meaning.
Heeding Mason's advice, my confreres in London, Peter Williams and John Percival, and I reported the event in terms of restrained ecstacy.
Dali says that this is proper, that I should find the ecstacy on this shore, in the form of a wooden box, in Van Gogh's love for green boats sliced with bloody stripes.
The durational effects of Ecstacy made it a practical choice for kids who had to work on Monday mornings.
Ecstacy in worship was one of the phenomena that most intrigued Bontemps, epecially glossolalia, which he called "tongue talking.