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Frye does say in an endnote in the Anatomy that the "conception of Aristotelian aesthetic catharsis and Longinian psychological ecstasis .
It is a matter, less of empathy, than of sympathy, of co-celebration in respect of this or that discrete ecstasis of the spirit.
Hegel's ecstasis of love remains asleep to the agape of God" (115) represents Desmond's summary of Hegel's declension from the Johannine tradition.
When Emerson refers to the ecstatic nature of life he implicitly relates existence, ecstasis, and futurity in an epitomic way.
But as God can be experienced as ecstasis passionately, then one must factor all pain plentifully into any equation.
Golding stresses through his principal characters and chosen setting that art is a conjuring trick that on occasion plunges the artist into ecstasis and touches truth itself, although at times it involves sheer hard slogging and may sometimes be mere trickery.