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Temperature and organism size: a biological law for ectotherms.
Interfaces between biophysical and physiological ecology and the population ecology of terrestrial vertebrate ectotherms.
2009) concur that since wood turtles are ectotherms they require habitats with available basking areas.
by a 9th grade student) Text 2: Fish are ectotherms that live Fish in water and use gills to get (129 words) oxygen.
Because higher temperatures typically increase the rate of water loss (Slobodchikoff 1983), many ectotherms might face a difficult physiological trade-off: a high Tb may support increased performance through its effect on muscle contraction while simultaneously decreasing performance from desiccation.
Just as in the case of whether some dinosaurs were ectotherms or endotherms, the indeterminacy of the conflicting assessments in time and place does not invalidate the commonality of the world in which the judgments are made.
Clemmys individuals and other ectotherms utilize hibernacula during cold temperatures induced by winter (Lewis and Ritzenthaler 1997).
To better understand the thermodynamics of ectotherms we must first be able to accurately measure their body temperature.
Previous research has shown that the thermal and hydric environment surrounding the developing embryos of ectotherms may have a profound influence on various phenotypic traits later in life (May 1985; Scheiner 1993).
In conclusion, Wroe says the parable of a continent, `wherein diminutive mammals trembled under the footfalls of a menagerie of gigantic ectotherms, appears to be a castle in the air'.
Seasonal cues such as photoperiod and temperature, acting through the neuroendocrine system, have been proposed as responsible for multiple changes in immune function indicators in ectotherms (44).
Despite the shortness of the egg period, egg temperature plays a crucial role in egg traits of ectotherms, such as egg development (Du et al.