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Starting today, whenever you use Cortana to do a search on Windows 10 that would typically take you to a search engine in a web browser, you will only be able to use Microsoft's Bing search engine and its Edge browser.
Using a new rendering engine and breaking free from legacy code, the Edge browser is trying to get Microsoft back to a higher market share for browser use.
With Windows 10, the company has replaced it with the Microsoft Edge browser.
Hence, users will notice that upon launching the new update, the UI of the Edge browser no longer has dead pixels on both sides of the first OLED iPhone's notch.
PC users can watch the event on Windows 10 devices via the Microsoft Edge browser.
Fixed issue with Microsoft Edge browser caching visited URLs while using InPrivate browsing," said Microsoft in the Windows 10 update history page.
The Edge browser for iOS works similarly to Apple's Continuity by synchronizing content viewed on one device with a different device.
The new update focuses on delivering new 3D experience, VR support, Edge browser improvements, game streaming and some of these features have already trickled down to Windows Insiders.
As it does with Office 365 and its Edge browser, IT giant Microsoft now provides a roadmap listing many (but not all) of the coming and recently rolled out features of its Dynamics CRM product.
The browser appeared to perform best on Windows 10 computers where it managed to outperform the flagship Edge Browser.
Windows 10 and the all-new Microsoft Edge browser work together to maximize your productivity, said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Device Marketing and Developer Services, AT&T Mobility.