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Increase in value; improvement.

Enhancement is generally used to mean an increase in the market value of property that is the result of an improvement.

The enhancement of a criminal penalty means the increase of punishment, such as by increasing a jail sentence. This type of enhancement might be affected when the criminal's motive is found to be particularly depraved.


(Exaggeration), noun elaboration, embellishment, exaggeration, hyperbole, magnification, overstatement, superlative


(Increase), noun accession, advance, aggrandizement, amelioration, amendment, amplification, augmentation, betterment, boom, deepening, enlargement, enrichment, exaltation, heightening, improvement, intensification, melioration, progress, reform, renewal, revaluation, strengthening
See also: accession, additive, advance, amendment, augmentation, boom, correction, development, enlargement, hyperbole, increase, progress, reform, renewal
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Detail and Edge Enhancement - Sharpens image edge boundaries and improves fine detail in an image.
Announcement of competition: widening, edge enhancement, replacement of culverts + establish new ditches to grusdel of Fv 359, Hp 01 kg metering from 0.
Additionally the KD-VPHD3 allows for individual customization of the aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, hue, edge enhancement and image position for every input source.
The HD-XA2 comes with a Picture Setting function that allows customers to optimize picture quality via settings for color, contrast, brightness, edge enhancement, and block noise, among others.
MFP selectively applies varying degrees of edge enhancement processing to each individual breast structure dependent on size for improved image quality.
Improved clinical workflow functions enable clinicians to perform basic image processing tasks (brightness, contrast, edge enhancement, etc.
The system's user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) technology and advanced image processing tools include edge enhancement, monochrome reverse and high-resolution detailing.