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ascertained whether respondents thought students should select and edit articles for law reviews.
Getting back to my opening question, it is difficult to see patients and edit articles and sell advertising and design a magazine.
All Intellipedians, regardless of rank, have equal power to edit articles (with the exception of a handful of system operators).
Registration is required to post questions in discussion forums and to author or edit articles.
7) If education of student editors is the purpose of the institution of law review, and these editors are not competent to select and edit articles, then it cannot be meaningful or prestigious to publish in any particular law review.
Because live performance is an ephemeral act, difficult to grasp, Varley has decided to write and edit articles about it in an annual journal called The Open Page.
The DYCE team is made up of young volunteers, who give up their spare time to write and edit articles and put the information online - it really is by Angus young people for Angus young people.
She will coordinate the day-to-day activities of the Herend Guild; write and edit articles for White Gold, the Guild's quarterly magazine; act as liaison between the Guild, retailer and customer; and interface with the Herend manufactory in Hungary on behalf of the Guild and its membership.
I understand the need to ruthlessly edit articles to fit the magazine's parameters, but I was responsible for leading the development of the CB HelpLine and Hotline concepts, and I am concerned that those individuals out there will believe that I did not clearly understand the program.